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 Keys To Success

We are using a mantra this year called “3 Keys to Success”. This comes from Hall of Fame coach Lou Holtz. The 3 keys are:

  • Each and Every day—-Do what’s right
  • Each and Every day—-Work to the best of your ability
  • Each and Every day—-Show someone you care

We continue to remind staff and students of these 3 keys through morning announcements and some of our teachers have them posted. As Coach Holtz says, you do these 3 things each and every day, you will be successful.

Volleyball Intramurals

For more information about Intramural Volleyball teams and schedules, please visit the volleyball page at:


Cafeteria News

We are very excited to start the school year with new entrée choices and our regular daily choices, such as a hummus meal or yogurt meal in addition to salads, PB&J sack lunch and Deli sandwiches.  All of your child’s meals are prepared on site by our wonderful staff and served fresh daily.  The sixth grade class will begin a new experience, choosing their entree and alternate choice items, which means less waste and healthier choices. Ala carte’ will also be a new experience for the incoming 6th grade students.

Our healthier choices snack bar will be open for 6th grade in September.
Nutrition Services point of sale program, OneSource, will record payments, meals, and ala cart purchases. As in the past, we are unable to exceed the charge limit set for student meals.  Parents are encouraged to prepay for student lunches using our online payment system www.MyPaymentsPlus.  Once a child has reached their charge limit, we will be unable to provide a meal until funds are paid. Your child may bring cash for the current day’s meal. Breakfast prices are $1.35 and lunch is $2.20. If your child wants to purchase ala carte’, which is not included with the meal, they must have money in their General Account or cash in hand, however, we do not allow a student to purchase ala carte’ if they have a negative balance in their lunch account, even if they have cash in hand. The Nutrition services cafeteria does not have the resources to take payments over the phone or with a credit card, but this can also be done through www.MyPaymentsPlus.  Please be advised that it may take up to 72 hrs for a payment to be posted.
It is important to the cafeteria staff to provide a meal to every student that desires one. We thank you for your help in keeping your child’s account current. Please feel free to call the cafeteria with any questions or concerns from 8 am-2 pm at 973-4814.

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